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8:50 pm

Saxon Woods – July 30, 2016

Gilled mushrooms

Amanita phalloides
Amanita rubescens
Lactarius piperatus
Megacollybia rodmani
Russula aeruginea
Panellus stipticus
Russula fragilis


Arcyria cinerea (?)
Fuligo septica (dog vomit slime)


Galliela rufa


Gyroporus castaneus
Strobilomyces floccosus (old man of the woods)
Tylopilus felleus


Auricularia auricula
Exidia glandulosa


Cantherellus cinnabarinus
Cantharellus minor

Poroids, crusts, stereums

Bondarzewia berkeleyi
Plebia tremellosa
Polyporus badius
Daedalea quercina
Oxyporus populinus
Trichaptum biforme


Crucibulum laeve


  1. It was a nice little walk but nobody found the Lion’s Mane that was the highlight of last year. Not enough rain I guess.
    I plan to go back and hunt it down.

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