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Mushroom Walks

Hunt mushrooms to your heart’s content, both right on the property at nearby state parks. Learn in the field from expert mycologists. At the end of the Foray, the mycologists will give “table talks,” pointing out the weekend’s most interesting and exciting finds.

Educational Programs

Afternoon and evening programs will expand your fungal knowledge. Previous programs have covered a wide variety of topics.

Potluck and Mycophagy

Contribute a dish to share at our afternoon potluck on the first full day of the Foray. Cold dishes may be stored in the kitchen’s refrigerator and dishes served best warm can be heated up.  Please note that there will be no cooking from scratch in the kitchen for the potluck.

On the second full day, myco-chefs Kathy and Joe Brandt, along with innumerable assistants, will prepare a feast worth talking about for years to come.  

Live and Silent Auctions

Donate anything, including books, magazines, posters, artwork, houseware, clothing, and games. Keep your eyes peeled on your next stop at a yard sale. Self-made artwork, jewelry, crafts, jams, jellies or dried mushrooms also make for sought-after prizes. At the Foray, bid for a new mushroom treasure to take home.

Recreational Activities

Unwind with swimming, basketball (indoor and outdoor courts). Informal evening games include Scrabble, poker, Quiddler, go, etc. (bring your own game).

Lay out your best mushroom trinkets for the auction. Quote your price, and over three days folks will bid for their most desired finds. The live auction will take place Sunday, September 1st at 8:00 p.m. Bring along interesting fungal- and slime mold-related treasures to be auctioned off in the most entertaining fashion by Leon Shernoff and Joe Brandt.